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Hey - I'm Jessica and 5 years ago I was working full time as an accountant.  I was tired of the rat race and desired a simpler, more self sufficient life for me and my family. So, I quit my job and here I am today operating a backyard farm!

I have 2 children - currently 10 and 13 - and being able to stay home and share this journey with them has been the most amazing experience.

My husband, Josiah, is an RN and works part time to pay household expenses.  But, we are hoping that the farm will eventually generate enough income to support our family so it can be both our full time priorities.

Outside of the farm, I've played soccer my whole life (and still every Monday and Wednesday nights - impressive, right?).  I also like to play video games, drink coffee and make TikToks about my day to day here on my small farm where I have 450,000 people following our journey (even more impressive, right?).


Find me on facebook (Thunderbluff Farm) and TikTok (@jessicabertolino_) 

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